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How to Intimidate People: Pro Tips from Drug Dealers, Hostage Negotiators, Bouncers and Drag QueensHow to Scare Someone in a Fight


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6 MENACING WAYS to Psych Out BIGGER Opponents ● How to Fight

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How to scare someone in a fight

I'll go all the way. Although, some fights are not physical, preparing yourself before the fight as much as possible will give you best opportunity in scaring your opponent hence winning the fight. If a dealer owes me money and he can't pay, he will expect a slap. I was watching on the camera, and just as he went up to the till I came out of the office. Within hours we had kidnapped two rivals and blown out the windows of a house of a close relative of a third with a sawn-off shotgun. The drag was like an armor that gave me the upper hand. This is January and it's freezing cold. The best way to scare someone you are fighting is to outfight them. How to scare someone in a fight

How to scare someone in a fight

How to scare someone in a fight

How to scare someone in a fight

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  1. It's like Tetris—whacking away the bricks. I wouldn't think twice about sticking a knife in somebody or cutting them.

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