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Top 25 Short Panchatantra Stories For KidsFunny Jokes in Telugu | Humor Messages | Telugu Comedy Posters


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Telugu stories with images

He took alms and shared it with a few people who helped him clean the temple. Imagining that he was scaring them away with a stick, he picks up the nearby stick in his sleep and starts waving it around. Do not believe hearsay; check the authenticity of the information before acting. The Cave That Talked A hungry lion wandered along the jungle it ruled in search of food. The swans told the tortoise that there was another lake in another forest, where they should go to survive. One should speak only at the right moment. The hare took the elephant to the lake on a full moon night and showed the reflection of the moon. Although reluctant, the three brahmins agreed to take their dimwitted friend with them. They came up with a plan to take the tortoise along. Telugu stories with images

Telugu stories with images

Telugu stories with images

Telugu stories with images

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  1. As soon the lion replied, the jackal ran away from the cave never to come back. Do not offer counsel unless asked for.

  2. On second thoughts, he decided to explore the noise. As the mongoose guarded the baby, it saw a snake crawling into the house.

  3. The German version of the Panchatantra was one of the earliest books that the Gutenberg Press printed after the Bible. The crow, the leopard and the jackal each offered itself as food to the lion, which it refused. Think before you jump.

  4. Each head had a mind of its own. It sat on the banks of the river with a sad face one day. He quickly went into the cave and hid.

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