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HC's Complete College Guide: Providence CollegeClass of 2023 – Important Dates


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Providence college dating

I love being on the teams because I get to do it with all my friends and we always have the best time. Getting involved at PC is fun because you get to meet people that you would never normally meet and you can pretty much guarantee that you will find a club out there for you. Alum Activities primarily consist of drinking and frequenting the dingy, overcrowded bars around the campus, or spending all free time in Bible studies and service groups. There are few who find that one person and spend their entire college career with them. Sometimes it's hard to find refuge if you don't want to hang out with a bunch of drunk people. If you are, there MAY be. Civ Scream is a popular event on campus that takes place twice a year the night before the civ final. Midnight madness is on campus and is a big night with dancing and cheering on our bball team. The best night of the year is Midnight Madness where the whole school gets together in the gym and cheers on the basketball teams. Providence college dating

Providence college dating

Providence college dating

Providence college dating

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  1. Campus Ministry is a huge force when it comes to being involved. Wednesday and Thursday nights are definitely for the bars.

  2. Alum Students like to stay involved at Providence College. The front nine is in the fall and the back nine is in the spring. There is sort of a rivalry between the two dorms and personally, I will always be a McVinney girl.

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