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Skin-Lightening Papaya Face-Mask Recipes for Bright, Glowing SkinPapaya Benefits for Women. Papaya Face Masks


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How to Make a Papaya Facial Mask - DIY Spa Facials

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Papaya and yogurt face mask

This makes papaya the perfect ingredient for a homemade face mask to treat skin with acne scars. Deep-cleanses pores and refreshes skin. The oils and enzymes that occur naturally in yogurt work to moisturize skin naturally. Fades blemishes and evens out discolorations. Here is an article how Papaya fights acne. They also could be selected unripe because of enzyme which is concentrated inside the fruit before it comes ripe. Summers are hot and harmful to skin due the red angry sun. Papaya and yogurt face mask

Papaya and yogurt face mask

Papaya and yogurt face mask

Papaya and yogurt face mask

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  1. As a rich source of potassium, a homemade face mask featuring papaya as the key ingredient will effectively hydrate skin.

  2. If you feel a tingling sensation on the skin, wash off the mask earlier. Vitamin C Boosts collagen production. Rinse it off after 15 minutes with warm water and splash cold water on your face to get fresh skin.

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