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35 weeks lost mucus plugLosing Your Mucus Plug During Pregnancy


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Losing your mucus plug at 35 weeks

Lightening Lightening occurs when your baby starts to drop lower into your pelvis. Some women lose theirs a week or two before labor begins. But are they actually the same thing? During pregnancy, the cervix secretes a thick, jelly-like fluid to keep the area moist and protected. Before labor starts, the balance of female hormones changes. Losing your mucus plug at 35 weeks

Losing your mucus plug at 35 weeks

Losing your mucus plug at 35 weeks

Losing your mucus plug at 35 weeks

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  1. After all, this can happen when a woman relieves herself in this case you may just feel as if something is dropped during urination. The surface epithelium is loosened and the intercellular space is able to stretch.

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