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How to Date your Fender Guitar by Serial NumberHow to Date your Fender (By Serial Number) in 60 seconds


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Gibson Serial Numbers - 1977 to Present

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Fender guitar dating serial number

Fender Research Guides. Here are the best ones that seem to be out there. Many people think that the date on the heel of their Fender neck is the production date of the guitar. These guitars were replicas of the early and s era guitars. These can definitely be useful in cases where no other numbers exist, but just tell when the pot itself was made. Some of the models numbers do overlap unfortunately since Fenders primary intention for model numbers was to help their production team rather than provide an accurate dating system for customers. It all has to do with how Fender produced guitars. That is why I decided to write this article. Why is this? Fender guitar dating serial number

Fender guitar dating serial number

Fender guitar dating serial number

Fender guitar dating serial number

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