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Timber Ridge FarmHave you ever had a pet with a hooded vulva?


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Vaginal Prolapse in Dog 65lb. 1080p

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Canine hooded vulva

All dogs except one bichon frise were medium to giant breeds, suggesting that vulvar conformation may be related to growth rate or body conformation; prior ovariohysterectomy did not appear to be an influencing factor. Over the next two and a half years, Sadie had five UTIs. You can think of a hooded vulva as a kind of foreskin. Share your experience with us in the comments section below! We had her spayed young due to my other dog. Canine hooded vulva

Canine hooded vulva

Canine hooded vulva

Canine hooded vulva

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  1. In most dogs, there is a large amount of redundant skin available for closure. However, the presence of one or more of these disorders concurrent to recessed conformation of the vulva raises the index of suspicion that the anatomy of the vulva may contribute to the onset or persistence of one or more of these conditions.

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