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Why You Don't Want BB CreamShould You Use Primer Before BB Cream? The Experts Weigh In


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Descubra a diferença entre: Primer, BBcream e Base!!!

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Difference between primer and bb cream

Have you actually taken a second to look in the mirror recently to look at your skin with this so-called "beauty balm" on it? Primer — Typically a light cream that both creates a smooth base for applying make up and will make your foundation or BB cream last all day long. Instead, everyone wearing it generally walks around with pale skin that looks like sandpaper. Even if it's minimal. If you do want full glamour coverage from your Oasis Beauty BB Cream then we recommend applying a couple of layers using our gorgeous vegan BB brush. It is at this point that I break the news. Some of the most common questions are: Difference between primer and bb cream

Difference between primer and bb cream

Difference between primer and bb cream

Difference between primer and bb cream

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