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Tamil hot models

This strengthening Easterlies during the last couple of days is likely to be a temporary phenomenon as tomorrow under the influence of Westerly trough we could see land based Westerly winds dominate once again. It is still unclear if Foxconn Foxconn had earlier applied for conversion of a portion of its SEZ area in its Sriperumbudur plant to DTA, which can enable sale of its products in India. Foxconn had recommenced producton from a leased building inside the Sri City manufacturing cluster just across the border in Andhra Pradesh. MC Sampath, minister for industries, told ET that the project is expected to bring employment of over 25, jobs over a certain period of years. This could also result in partly cloudy skies over many parts of South TN playing a role in moderating the day time temperatures as well. Earlier, Foxconn had considered utilising its Sriperumbudur unit to house component manufacturers who could supplement the phone assembly ecosystem. Models indicate today also so be a moderately hot day for Tamil Nadu with many parts of the state seeing near normal or slightly below normal temperatures under the influences of stronger Easterlies. Tamil hot models

Tamil hot models

Tamil hot models

Tamil hot models

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