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How to Assemble a Gift BasketHow to Put Together a Gift Basket


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Putting together a gift basket

Once you have amassed a pile proportional to the basket size, get tissue paper or interesting newspaper, ribbon, a shrink wrap bag and glue dots the last two can be found at a craft store. Inexpensive Candy Filler If you are making a basket where you will be including food like candy and nuts then look through the bulk food aisle at your grocery store and local bulk food store. LoveAmericanHome CollectiveBias Those who willingly volunteer to be the host or hostess of a holiday party are nothing short of awesome. If a skewer is too long, simply trim it to desired length. Ilene Robert - Ilene's Baskets This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to learn how to make gift baskets inexpensively that look professional. They can be customized for every person that you give them to or they can be identical. The preferred style of basket also depends on the items that you are putting inside. Putting together a gift basket

Putting together a gift basket

Putting together a gift basket

Putting together a gift basket

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