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Leglock Encyclopedia 5 DVD Set with Gokor ChivichyanThe Modern Leglock Formula


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Joe Rogan - John Danaher's Leg Lock System - The 4 Steps of BJJ: "1. Get to ground..."

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Best leg lock dvd

Over 4 volumes Dean presents brilliant ways in which to put an end to the countless taps your training partners get from you each time you roll. Is this an app, or will a series of apps with this material become available in the future. Luckily some of those that have managed to obtain certain success with leg locks have come out with DVD releases of their own. To top things off, he includes a whole leg lock seminar that has some sweet entries and concepts for hunting leg locks from the top! So, until any one of the Danaher Death Squad decides to put something on film, these are your best leg lock DVD instructionals: Best leg lock dvd

Best leg lock dvd

Best leg lock dvd

Best leg lock dvd

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  1. It should come as no surprise that mastery of his concepts can make dangerous grapplers out of any size, shape, or current experience level. Jay goes deep explaining entries, setups, control, and submissions from every angle.

  2. He frequently teaches seminars at academies throughout North America and is sought after for private instruction by other BJJ instructors seeking cutting edge information.

  3. Firstly, the on-demand digital version plays very well on smartphones and tablets anywhere that you have data or a wifi connection. It focuses on the two Ashi Garami variations that are the most successful. Attacks, combinations, follow-ups, and re-counters are all included in this magnificent volume.

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