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Characters (RF4)Lest and Frey


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Rune Factory 4 Special and Rune Factory 5 Announcement

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Rune factory 4 character

Doug suddenly arrived, asking Lest of who the girl is, but left to a wonder. I'm just not opening a banking account with him. Volkanon came to his aid and quickly build a very impressive bridge for him to get across. Several times, he tries to railroad you into saying you think his pecs are all that or that you really dig his pantaloons, just so he can tell you that he doesn't think much of you at all. He began teaching him about growing crops, giving presents to friends and befriended monsters, crops as cooking ingredients, crops that may grows into dungeons and runes. He has an awesome lightning attack that shoots a dozen beams in all directions, but due to his abysmal intelligence, his magic attacks are quite weak. Rune factory 4 character

Rune factory 4 character

Rune factory 4 character

Rune factory 4 character

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