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Is It Possible to Catch Herpes from a Toilet Seat?You Probably Won't Get Herpes From Sharing Someone's Drink


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How herpes can be transmitted without having sex

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Can get herpes from toilet seat

If you're concerned that you've swapped spit with someone who has an STD, you can probably rest easy. However, with the increased societal acceptance of oral sex, HSV-1 has been showing up more and more in the genital region. Many who have herpes are reluctant to tell others about their condition, for fear of ridicule and being ostracized. It is transmitted primarily through skin to skin contact. But some hardy microbes do make it through. In fact, a recent study found that your very own cell phone may carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. It's never been proven that wet towels can transmit the microbes that can cause STDs. Can get herpes from toilet seat

Can get herpes from toilet seat

Can get herpes from toilet seat

Can get herpes from toilet seat

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