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Before and After7 Best Wen Products -- and the 2 Worst


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Wen vs Renpure- Battle of the Cleansing Conditioners

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Wen products for curly hair

I color, blowdry, curl and flat iron my poor hair. The formula is used as a boost of nourishment as needed by adding a few pumps to the conditioning formula, or as a mask to deep clean the hair once a week. After the first wen use I colored and even my husband noticed Im not gray inside of 14 days. I no longer have to use a straitening iron to get the ultra smooth results. On the other hand, once you go indoors with the heater on full blast, your hair is exposed to a drastic change in temperature. On one hand, your hair is battling the strong winds and cold, dry air outside. Rinse thoroughly and use the Wen styling products to complete the desired hairstyle. I think the most complaints is from not using the product correctly. On top of that, the drying effects of extreme changes in temperature from going indoors to outdoors and vice-versa adds to the case of bad hair days. I have naturally wavy, medium textured, waist length layered brown hair. Wen products for curly hair

Wen products for curly hair

Wen products for curly hair

Wen products for curly hair

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