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Shin Megami Tensei Wiki Dx2Persona (Series)


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[Demons in Disguise] - Digital Devil Saga (Blind) - Shin Megami Tensei - Let's Play - EP 01

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Megamitensei wiki

Some characters, such as Stephen and General Gotou, are based on real-life people; in the game files, they are identified as " hoking " and " mishima ", respectively. It is implied that the Protagonist and the Heroine are the reincarnations of Adam and Eve, explaining Lilith's motivations in attempting to kill the Heroine and live eternally with the Protagonist. This fascination led to it being included as a dungeon in the game. The demons are commanded by Lucifer , who resurrects the demonic gods Loki and Set following their defeat by Nakajima and Yumiko. The Animation , based on the original game, and Persona 4: Combat plays out in real time, with Nakajima fighting demons using both short-range melee attacks and ranged magic attacks. The Heroine is killed, but saves the Hero, Law Hero, and Chaos Hero by using magic to teleport them to another plane of existence. Megamitensei wiki

Megamitensei wiki

Megamitensei wiki

Megamitensei wiki

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