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5 Ways to Beat Pre-performance NervesSix Ways To Overcome Nervousness


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How to Overcome Nervousness

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How to get over being nervous

In fact, some studies have shown that trying not to think about something may make you more likely to think about it, because you'll have to keep reminding yourself not to think about it, thus triggering the memory So ideally, you need to find a strategy that will control the nervousness, but not necessarily eliminate it, and thankfully there are a lot of very effective options for stopping nervous thinking. Breathe your way through it. Young performers, such as Olympic gymnasts and music soloists, talk about how important it is to prepare for the pre-performance jitters as well as the performance itself. Yes, I'm nervous. Yoga - Yoga is believed to help re-train the body to breathe more efficiently, provide exercise benefits, and be a calming experience that many people find relaxing. But we can choose courage. Read More. How to get over being nervous

How to get over being nervous

How to get over being nervous

How to get over being nervous

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  1. But when worry and stress about performing get to be too much, these hormones give people that "red alert" feeling — the one that causes you to feel cold or sweaty, get butterflies in your stomach, or feel like you can't think straight. You can do this whether you're performing alone or as part of a group. Make a note the next time you hear it, exactly the phrases that the gremlin says to you.

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