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Style Guide: How To Wear A Gray Suit With Brown ShoesGray suit with black or brown


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4 Tips On Wearing Gray With Style - Grey In Interchangeable Wardrobe - Matching Gray Clothes

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Brown gray suit

Technically, a solid blazer has to be blue, so begin there and add gray pants. A rich navy blue double-breasted suit jacket with gray trousers The opposite move—a gray sports coat with navy trousers—is rarer, maybe because it is generally more difficult to pull off a lighter jacket with darker pants. An example of Prince of Wales suiting fabric from Sartoria Rossi showing a gray base pattern with blue overplaid. Using a gray tie with this navy suit is a surefire way to earn style points. A classic Navy grenadine tie from Fort Belvedere Use Items with Both Colors Together The most sophisticated method to combine gray and blue with a suit and tie, however, is to choose items that contain both colors together. They're not ideal for proper business wear since they're rather light. The more there are hints of brown leather or wooden tones, the more the whole package falls into place. Brown gray suit

Brown gray suit

Brown gray suit

Brown gray suit

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  1. Share it with friends What do you think? In this article, the first of a series of classic color combinations, we take a look at the different ways to pair blue and gray. When we talk about layering we immediately think knitwear and overcoats for colder weather.

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