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Work that ass: 5 bubble butt exercisesMature Bubble Butt clips


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twerking beauties around the world #2- beauties around the world - big butt twerk - booty dance

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Girls with bubble butts

These big booty queens are going to show you how black girls can ride a dick. But, did you know that it is also a great butt exercise?? The brunette spreads her legs and tugs her leotard bottom aside, rubbing her dripping wet mocha muff while pouring oil all over her chest, making the fabric translucent so her big ebony tits and puffy nipples show through while her friend dives between her legs and eats her out, licking and sucking on that sweet caramel cunt! She loves the taste of pussy on her mouth and a hard cock in her pussy! Stretch out 1 leg and then lift up your hips 3. Simply lift your hips, wait till you feel that squeeze in your bottom and then slowly lower your hips again. Love those big natural titties with big nipples, gargantuan beautiful butts and black pussies. Single-leg deadlift You probably have heard of the normal deadlift which you most likely ace in the gym! Girls with bubble butts

Girls with bubble butts

Girls with bubble butts

Girls with bubble butts

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  1. Donkey Kicks This is one of my favourite butt exercises, simply because it truly works and you can feel that it works!

  2. After just one solid set you feel your butt working its ass off. Repeat this 10 times or more if you can take it on! Repeat this 10 times and then switch legs.

  3. Slowly lift your legs up. These girls are so fuckin hot! After just one solid set you feel your butt working its ass off.

  4. Next, bend over with the dumbbells in your hands and lift up your right leg at the same time. Feel the butt burn and enjoy it! Slowly lift your legs up.

  5. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and stand with you feet at shoulder-width, keep your back straight. As you have lifted your legs, tense your butt for 3 seconds.

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