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Danny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy - Danny's Choice

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Danny phantom series finale

I think that's really why Danny Phantom resonated with a lot of kids and why it still resonates with a lot of teenagers today. It premiered on Nickelodeon on August 24, as a one-hour episode consisting of two parts the 52nd and 53rd episodes, respectively. Danny speculates that if the ghost portal gave him his ghost powers, it could probably take them away as well. Vlad never wanted world domination. Hartman notes, From the opening notes of the Danny Phantom theme song, you knew that was Danny Phantom. His motive was to off Jack, have Danny as a son, and marry Maddie. Danny's enemies in the Ghost Zone are all too happy to see him without his ghost powers, however, and take great pleasure in blasting him, finally getting revenge on him for defeating them all those times in the past. Masters' Blasters, seeing that Danny Phantom no longer shows up to fight ghosts, start charging hefty fees for their ghost-hunting services. Danny Phantom's statue stands proudly over Amity Park. Next on my list is how Sam is presented. Danny phantom series finale

Danny phantom series finale

Danny phantom series finale

Danny phantom series finale

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