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Why Do I Have Sweet Smelling Discharge?7 Vaginal Odors Every Woman Needs to Know About


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How to Make Your Vagina Smell Good

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Why does my discharge smell sweet

The ad campaign was designed to convince women their husbands would leave them if they were not fresh and clean. Intercourse may also change the smell temporarily. These locations of pains could mean a kidney or urinary tract infection. Angier, Natalie. Don't Do Anything: Or it smells like a bowl of fruit. The sudden change in your hormones could be due to a pregnancy. Your vagina cleanses itself naturally. Sometimes, this odor is reason to see a doctor. Still, if any scent really bothers you, it doesn't hurt to call to your doctor to make sure it's nothing serious. Why does my discharge smell sweet

Why does my discharge smell sweet

Why does my discharge smell sweet

Why does my discharge smell sweet

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  1. If the sweet smelling discharge is bothering you, try to watch what you eat. Newsletter Molasses to Pennies: For many women though, the smell is the only symptom.

  2. As long as your discharge does not suddenly change in a drastic way, it probably is not a problem. When you eat citrus fruits, the scent can go into your vaginal fluids. Sweet-smelling discharge can be disconcerting at first.

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