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Top sexiest and wonderful moments in woman's volleyball

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Big boobs volleyball

The student athlete was allegedly shamed from the moment she was recruited to the volleyball team. It is the fault of terrible people on the Internet. And now, something similar has happened to a college volleyball player, who was "body shamed" by her coach over her Instagram page. Serena Williams has big breasts, and Caroline Wozniacki put towels in her tank top to make fun of her. Big boobs volleyball

Big boobs volleyball

Big boobs volleyball

Big boobs volleyball

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  1. Instead, it's just the year-old in a black tank top. There is a difference between having boobs so big you can't do some sports, and having boobs so big you get GIF'd all over the Internet. Gymnasts don't need to be flat-chested, they need to be thin.

  2. Getty Images Sadly, it seems like Instagram is becoming less of a place to check out curated brunch photos and more of a place where women are monitored for their "behavior.

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