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Summer Anne BurtonOMG! BuzzFeed Names Its First Executive Creative Producer


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Summer anne burton

Summer Anne Burton will be coming over from Editorial BFF to help build a world-class creative team and production environment for creative work. I end up doing a lot of my own work at night and on the weekends, because I find it hard to focus on them while multitasking. And it's only just the beginning. Join me in welcoming Summer! Summer Anne Burton spends her days and many nights as a managing editorial director at Buzzfeed , specializing in cats , books , and love for Texas. Google Calendar: Summer anne burton

Summer anne burton

Summer anne burton

Summer anne burton

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  1. Google Calendar: We had and still have! I spent about 2—3 hours a day on the community moderation, which was always interesting and weird.

  2. Buzzfeed really hinges on savvy social media — how do you shape your own social media presence accordingly? Burton's move from editorial to creative is also part of an effort to increase collaboration between the two, including sharing resources.

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