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InternationalLund Map — Satellite Images of Lund


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Pakistani lund photo

Only one person could shed light on this mystery, and that is Riaz himself, and he is still unable to speak. Though he is listed in critical condition, Riaz will surely recover and continue the fight all the comrades of the IMT are engaged in: The initial announcement on television stated that he had won, which was undoubtedly true. The fact that none of the five shots Riaz received hit any vital organ clearly rules out the kind of professional assassin trained by the state. Nevertheless, one cannot rule out some degree of participation by the state. Lal Khan told me that when our solidarity message was read to him, though he was unable to speak, tears of happiness and gratitude welled up in his eyes. I can report that the international solidarity appeal launched on Saturday immediately after we received news of the shooting has already had an excellent response and has provided invaluable moral boost for comrade Riaz. He survived that attack and we fervently hope that he will pull through again and live to fight against the counterrevolutionary forces that have been spawned by the filthy swamp of rotten Pakistan capitalism. A few years ago he was shot and wounded by gunmen from the fascist MQM. Socialists, trade unionists and revolutionaries from all over the world should express their revulsion at this murderous act and their solidarity and support for comrade Riaz Lund Baloch, for the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign and all the comrades who are struggling against oppression and injustice in Pakistan. Pakistani lund photo

Pakistani lund photo

Pakistani lund photo

Pakistani lund photo

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  1. We need no martyrs! But in this difficult time, it is imperative that they should feel that they do not stand alone.

  2. Only one person could shed light on this mystery, and that is Riaz himself, and he is still unable to speak.

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