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A Quick And Easy Way To Get Volume With Your Flat Iron10 Flat Iron Success Tips


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DIY- How To Flat Iron Hair At Home Like A Professional-Tips and Tricks

Video about how to flat iron hair with body:

How to flat iron hair with body

Begin as close to the roots as you can and pull the iron down in one smooth motion. Drop the hair only after about 3 seconds. Grab the iron and take a section of hair. Not necessarily. Big, chunky sections won't straighten properly. This is a technique that requires slow, controlled movement but don't let the iron sit in one place for any length of time. Your crown area may be the curliest section, requiring high heat, but the hair on the sides of your head may be straighter, so turn the heat down when pressing that section. How to flat iron hair with body

How to flat iron hair with body

How to flat iron hair with body

How to flat iron hair with body

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  1. Just use any hair spray and split it all over the hair to complete the process. Bring it down. Making one good pass is better than making three or four mediocre ones.

  2. This way, your morning routine consists of little more than taking your hair down and combing through it. Now pull up a middle section and clip this also to back.

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