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Consideration of Some Criticisms of The Urantia BookThe Meredith J. Sprunger Archive


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The Urantia Book Debunked in 3 Mins Michael of nebadon

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Urantia book hoax

Over , books have been sold since One of the praises of scientific inquiry, as opposed to religious inquiry, explained in The Urantia Book is that good science offers a hypothesis which is analyzed in an attempt to either prove or disprove it and in so doing new concepts and understandings are developed which can lead to a better hypothesis. For Urantia man is finite, ignorant, and enslaved by matter. Urantia ennobles sex and glorifies marriage; the home is society' s basic and grandest institution. Exchanged more than forty letters. Such a slate of affairs point[s] not only to a varied internal structure, but also to a certain harmony in that variation suggestive of some organized plan in building the atom. Urantia book hoax

Urantia book hoax

Urantia book hoax

Urantia book hoax

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  1. In any case, you underestimate Gardner and I suspect you haven't read his book on Urantia, either.

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