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Taurus man and Capricorn womanTaurus Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility


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Capricorn Woman Taurus Man – A Solid & Stable Relationship

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Taurus man with capricorn woman

I am a Capricorn woman who has a Taurean friend who is fiercely loyal, devoted and stubborn but very slow in the romance area Friendship This companionship can happen throughout some hobbies that are creative. So, I am patience as you. They will understand each other better this way. Me too! And they know this too well. Taurus man with capricorn woman

Taurus man with capricorn woman

Taurus man with capricorn woman

Taurus man with capricorn woman

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1 thoughts on “This relationship is beautiful and promising as both are sincere and invested in their love life.

  1. So I brought 'E' to the front and asked her to read hers, then asked for comments from the other two. How to overcome this trait. You're going to work to make success happen.

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