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Phil Anselmo on Long-Rumored Tapeworm Project: ‘It Was Really Just Two Songs’Tapeworm (band)


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A Perfect Circle - Passive

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Tapeworm band

Danny had pre-programmed and did all of his magic that he does -- which is really outstanding work -- beforehand, and said, 'Hey man, here's the music. Because he's dead. While working on Nine Inch Nails material, Danny Lohner and Charlie Clouser , both Nine Inch Nails live band members , would often come up with ideas that Reznor felt did not fit in with his vision for the band. Out of all the projects you've done over the years, the most mysterious was Tapeworm, which supposedly included Trent Reznor and Maynard James Keenan, but was shelved. Danny Lohner and I are still very tight, and we always talk about doing different projects together. Take certain textures and add them to vocals, and then the really beautiful orchestrations in the background. In Lohner reported that three tracks had been completed, and described the various materials featuring Anselmo as "heavy NIN-meets-Pantera" and "mellow Pink Floyd The Wall -type songs", and the material featuring Keenan as "psychedelic, groove-oriented verses and anthemic choruses. Next to "Imagine" you'll see the name John Lennon. But Writing credits are different. It was one of those things where schedules never met and it wasn't a true possibility. Tapeworm band

Tapeworm band

Tapeworm band

Tapeworm band

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  1. Danny Lohner has stated that he used Tapeworm material as Renholder when he did the soundtrack to the motion picture Underworld. APC did a song called "Imagine. Hope that helps.

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