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Networking Tips to Help You Thrive at Your Next Event5 things not to do at a networking dinner


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5 Networking Etiquette Tips - Business Etiquette

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Networking dinner tips

Finalize details such as timing, food, and number of guests with the venue operator. Hagy gives an example from her own experience as a freelance writer and artist: You will also need speakers. Tips for Attending College Networking Events Ask the event sponsors for a list of prospective participants as well as their career and employer affiliations in advance of the program. Implementing some of these strategies can help you to tap into the goodwill of alumni at your school and have a dramatic impact on the progress of your job search. We had a lot of interesting get-togethers in the pipeline. If you must contextualize a comment with a backstory, keep it brief and poignant and share only the most important details; these special details will make you memorable, rather than boring. Research some career fields of interest so you can share some possible targets it can be more than one area if you present a solid rationale for targeting each career. Point your toes, torso and head toward the person you are speaking with to show them you are completely in tune with them. Follow this advice from 10 members of Forbes Communications Council if you want to make a great first impression at your next networking event. Networking dinner tips

Networking dinner tips

Networking dinner tips

Networking dinner tips

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  1. Tell a brief story about a funny or curious thing that happened to you. Even if you can't name a specific field or articulate a coherent goal, it will be important to at least share some of the skills you enjoy utilizing which have led to some successes in class, work, athletics, or co-curricular life.

  2. These events may be advertised with a clear career networking focus or have another social or cultural emphasis like a gallery visit, happy hour at a pub, or presentation by faculty members or prominent alumni. Make sure to have your phone on you in case anyone has trouble finding you. If you are able to attend an event with someone you know from another company, it is great to meet people together -- that way you can talk each other up.

  3. People love to talk about themselves. Go in person to visit the spaces if you can, before you make your final decision. Research Career Fields of Interest:

  4. We had a lot of interesting get-togethers in the pipeline. Everyone is going to be looking for people they recognize, so instead of spy shenanigans, be sure to make note of the people at the table and discretely take down their names if possible. The trick to success is properly introducing yourself.

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