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Global information and education on HIV and AIDSEverything You Could Possibly Need to Know About Anal Sex


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How to Have Anal Sex Tips and Advice for Better Anal Sex

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Procedure of anal sex

The journal of sexual medicine, , Feb. I was so anti-anal sex, but I love my BF for taking it slow. Anal play is your friend! This is especially true if it's the receiving partner's first time, due to very small skin tears in the anus and rectum. Don't forget to make sure you are using a condom-safe, water or silicone-based lubricant oil-based lubricants aren't compatible with condoms. These little guys should heal within a few days but may cause a bit of mild discomfort when you're pooping. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Procedure of anal sex

Procedure of anal sex

Procedure of anal sex

Procedure of anal sex

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  1. Missionary is often the most comfortable for newbies, but doggy-style can work too, if he enters from slightly above you. Anal sex can be such a fun, exciting and super-pleasurable experience.

  2. Use a Condom To minimize the risk of infection, be sure to clean your genitals before and after engaging in anal sex. Even if you're normally very quiet during sex, this is a time you'll wanna speak up—especially your first time trying it out with a new partner. Powered by ConvertKit Will this help someone you know?

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