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Is Johnson's baby oil safe to use for anal sex?Can I Use Baby Oil as Lubricant? | Informational Guide 2019


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Baby oil for anal sex

Repeat this action until your rectum is clean. I would suggest clitoral stimulation in addition to anal stimulation to make the connection more concrete. However it is usually recommended to use water based lubricants instead. Like any oil based product or sexual lubricant it breaks down latex, thus damaging latex condoms, exposing you to sexually transmitted diseases STD and increasing the risk of becoming pregnant. Never insert an object with sharp edges or jagged points into the anus which could cause small cuts or tears. It is often said that olive oil is good for you because it lubricates your insides, but does that make it a good substitute for personal lubricant during sex? Baby oil for anal sex

Baby oil for anal sex

Baby oil for anal sex

Baby oil for anal sex

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  1. However it is usually recommended to use water based lubricants instead. Be patient, good anal sex requires warm up.

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