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Anal sex with ebony women

He turned me over and I quickly got on all fours, thinking he was going to fuck my pussy, but all of a sudden, I felt his lips and the heat of his mouth on my butt. As I was licking her, I let my tongue start to explore the area between her ass and her pussy. I slid hard into her teeny asshole and pulled her hair towards me. I was extremely wet. Man's Story: Anal sex with ebony women

Anal sex with ebony women

Anal sex with ebony women

Anal sex with ebony women

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  1. I began to lick her ass while I played with her pussy with my fingers. I pushed a finger in first as I wanked my cock to get more juice from the tip of it. I had to take a couple of minutes and then went back too.

  2. I was extremely turned on and I felt so dirty, but I loved it. We climbed in through an open window and walked to the top. One night after we enjoyed our movie I started to lick her cunt.

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