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Blood Moon 2019: A Great Total Lunar Eclipse Is Coming Soon!Blood moon prophecy


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The Super Blood Moon & What It Means

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When does the blood moon come

Have a news tip, correction or comment? However, no one can predict exactly what color we'll see before each eclipse. The spectacle lasts five hours, but totality, the most impressive phase, lasts 62 minutes. Not so "super" eclipse! The last hint of this shadow will leave the lunar disk at 1: The United States, which experienced a total solar eclipse in , will get another total one in The long wait for another total blood moon eclipse will finally end on May 26, , when Asia, Australia and the Pacific will get a beautiful view, according to another NASA web page. Traditionally, a full moon that occurs within 90 percent of the moon's perigee earns the title " supermoon. When does the blood moon come

When does the blood moon come

When does the blood moon come

When does the blood moon come

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