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Steven's Sex Tape

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Post amateur sex tape

Porn stars do that. And squishing? Continue Reading Below Advertisement Porn inspires you to do stupid sex. And then wet plops. Post amateur sex tape

Post amateur sex tape

Post amateur sex tape

Post amateur sex tape

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  1. And then wet plops. Wish I had some Weetabix There's a dude who has to wake up every morning, get his coffee, sit at a computer and tap his brain to think up a novel new way for a pool cleaner named Mandingo to work off a debt to a woman with breasts that are actually perfectly spherical.

  2. But the fact is they're still working and their work is important. She's going to be going through your cupboards one day trying to dust your shit and see that DVD sitting there and she'll briefly ponder trying to put it on a record player, not even understanding what's going on, just knowing that something in her decrepit, ready-to-be-horrified DNA is insisting she see what's on that disc. If you have designs on becoming a porn star, you could sell it to a production company who will probably give you a few hundred for it, along with the knowledge that anyone you pass on the street for the rest of your life could know what your O face looks like.

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